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This trial is a fully operational ElectroPlan system with some functionality turned off.
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ElectroPlan download instructions …

Problems ? Scroll down for install hints and suggestions.
Step 1

Fill in the simple form on this page. An alert box will pop up with “Save file”. If your browser does not ask you where to save the file, it will be in the browser’s default downloads folder — look for “Downloads” in the menu options.

Step 2

Find the downloaded file on your computer either in your browser’s Downloads area or in the place you saved it, and double click the file to start the install program.

Step 3

Follow the instruction in the install process. After the process is completed ElectroPlan will be started by the install program.

By default the trial system is configured to install into the folder C:\ElectroPlan (If you have more than one hard drive the drive letter may not be C:)

If you would like to install the system on a different drive or in a different folder – click the Browse button at the ‘Select Destination Location’ step of the installation and select the drive letter or create the folder you would like to use for the installation. Keep a note of this location for use for future upgrades and for backups.

Hints and suggestions for common ElectroPlan installation issues.

If your Anti-Virus Software intervenes in the download process, it is not because the download has a virus, it is  because the install program is a file type has triggered a response.
Look for options on screen to allow the download and install process to proceed and/or make the install program an allowed exception.
If there is a “More info…” option, click that or just click the window to bring up a “Run anyway” option.

Windows Security Settings can also intervene in the install process with warnings and error messages. These settings can be changed to allow the system to prompt for permission to continue the install process. Follow these steps to review and change your settings….

  • Open the Windows Control Panel
  • Select “Network and Internet”
  • Select “Internet Options” to open the “Internet Properties” window and then select the “Security” tab.
  • Click the “Internet” icon if it is not already the selected option.
  • Click the “Custom level … ” button.
  • Scroll down and find the “Launching applications and unsafe files” entry in the list (about 2/3rds of the way down)
  • Change the option to “Prompt (recommended)” which will cause the system to ask about files it considers a problem rather than automatically  blocking access.
  • Click “Ok” and then click the “Apply” button once the list window is closed.
  • You may need to repeat the process for the other icons (Local Intranet, Trusted Sites and Restricted Sites)
  • You may also need to re-start windows to have the changes take effect.

If all of the above fails, try a search on the text of any error or warning messages.

Apple Mac users … Options …

  • Use a “virtual machine” to create a Windows environment on your Mac. computer. The best of these based on various reviews seems to be Parallels or Virtual Box.  
    Hint ..
    Install ElectroPlan on the default C: (or D:) drive within Windows.
  • Remote Desktops … using your browser to connect to a windows environment hosted on another computer or system. Check out the “Cloud Options” page.

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