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  • Quickly Create Electrical Layout Plans
  • Automatically Priced, Costed and Documented
  • Clear, accurate plans for you, your staff and your customers
  • Domestic and Commercial
  • No more rough notes and mistakes

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Operating Environments …

Overview …

  • Create accurate plans showing all components and lighting circuits.
  • As you design and refine your layout, ElectroPlan simultaneously builds a complete, priced and documented project.
  • Comprehensive breakdown of materials, cabling and time for the job.
  • Cable Path Calculations – accurate cable lengths by plan and cable type.
  • With a detailed and well-documented design you will have complete clarity on all aspects of the work to be carried out.
  • On-line help available every step of the way.

ElectroPlan uses a simple 3 step process …

  1. Import your floor plans from a PDF or graphics file; change the scale or size as required
  2. Select and place electrical components items on to the plan from a user defined suite
  3. Export your work to a printer or PDF file ready to email to your Customer or to be viewed on site.

The unique power and simplicity of ElectroPlan is why it is used by:

  • Electricians
  • Lighting Designers
  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Property Developers
  • Interior Designers and Dream-Home Planners

Component Placement, Circuit Connections, Component Details

 Cable Path Calculations

 Circuit Diagrams

Download Remote Conection Software  ….. Click only if requested to enable a remote connection to your computer so we can assist with any technical issues or just help you out with using ElectroPlan.



Users’ experiences with ElectroPlan …

Very Good.

Dan Lineen
DR Electrical

Use this program to design electrical layouts for clients and building companies.

Brian Townley
Townley Trenching & Inspections Ltd

Great product for plans and quoting. Latest changes sound great.

Geoff Elliott
Al Spark Electrical Ltd


Awesome package just keeps on getting better, been using it for 7 years and its been great highly recommended.

Andre Pieterse

Easy to use.

Chad Jones
Chad Jones Electrical Ltd

Great software and often the difference between getting jobs over other sparkies

Bevan Morton Jones
Maximum Power

ElectroPlan has been a great tool, I have over 110 house
plans drawn on it over the time we have used it.
Thank you for developing the software and keeping it updated.

William Green
Green Electrical Ltd

I have found ElectroPlan very useful, easy to use and is often the difference between other quotes in getting the job secured

Bevan Morton Jones
Maximum Power Ltd

Very easy to use, good software

Dan Lineen
DRL Electrical Ltd

Use it for plans and pricing, and once set up great to use. Would love some more professional looking symbols though.

Ill just add that I have good feedback from my customers about the plans we do with ElectroPlan, and it is an enjoyable program to use once you have things setup.

Geoff Elliott
Al Spark Electrical Ltd


Developer’s Note …
Component symbols are able to be customised to obtain the desired look and as of the May 2022 version symbols can be selected and imported from any graphics file

Very easy to use and customers are happy when they actually see what their Electrical plan looks like.

Sakini Mafi
Mafi Electrical Limited

Getting better and easier to use all the time

Tim Suckling

Great to use, works with the features we require

Peter Murfitt
ETC Electrical Solutions Ltd

Easy and good to use.

Callum and Blair
HEL Rimu Electrical

It makes the planning of jobs far easier. A little bit of pre-planning means the on-site crew can get straight into working.

James Spence
Mr Sparks Electrical


ElectroPlan has been great for our business, with the constant updates and improvements it is really good now. I like the available customization that can be done. Our Builders and their clients really appreciate the level of professionalism that this program offers. Clear easy to read.

Jason Cadogan
Jace Electrical Services


Andre Pieterse

ElectroPlan is instrumental in calculating accurate costs.  Plans help locate accidentally covered openings after drywall installation.  The exportable forms help make very easy to understand the financial picture for all parties involved in the construction project.

Zach Finger
EAV Consultants LLC, USA

Awesome package have been using it for years.  Would recommend to all

Andre Pieterse
ASSC Electrical and Engineering


A great program for drawing up Electrical Layouts for your customers.

The addition of Variations will save time and eliminate mistakes.

Peter Haddad
PHD Electrical Ltd

Fantastic, cant wait to use the changes around drawing lines.

John Shepherd
Electro Plus Limited

Use it all the time, 3 or 4 designs a week.

Brian Townley
Townley Trenching & Inspections Ltd

Awesome program have been using it for years now and it just gets better

Andre Pieterse

Very easy to use and makes things easier for everybody.

Jagdeep Singh
Jayden Electrical Ltd

Fantastic, easy to use even from the first click.

Devon English
CND Electrical Ltd


Zach Finger
Viper Electric, LLC

Fit for purpose, the more I adjust it to suit me, the faster it gets.

Aaron Rogers
Smart Electricians Ltd


We’ve been using ElectroPlan for several years, found it very easy to use, it gives us a great opportunity to add value to our planning. Customers love to receive a plan which is easy to understand.
The s
upport team are always available and very active to make updates and improvements to the software to suits our needs.
Highly recommended to any electrical business.

Nancy Wang
Topa Electrical Ltd

I have found ElectroPlan good for plans and pricing. I would like to utilize it more.

Joshua Baird
J.B Electrics Ltd


Great program, easy to use and creates professional looking electrical plans.

William Iversen
Arrend Electrical Ltd


Great intuitive software, that has saved our company a lot of time and money. Highly recommend.

Peter Haddad
PHD Electrical Ltd


I’m not super tech savvy when it comes to using design software, ElectroPlan has helped me become confident in creating professional and efficient/workable plans that anyone can understand, simple to use with loads of adjustment available, I would recommend ElectroPlan to any business wanting to do in-house design work or customer plan building tailored to your customers and your style of work.

Marcus Goldsbury
ION Electrical Solutions Ltd


We have been using ElectroPlan for some years now and have found it to be a definite asset to the company.
Easy to use, the ElectroPlan team keeps on updating the software with new and exiting features. Always works the way you need it too!

Andre Pieterse
ASSC Electrical and Engineering Ltd


Use it daily for all our electrical plans.
Is great being able to give your clients professional looking electrical plans

Nick Gardner, Manager
Potter Electrical Ltd
Whangerei, New Zealand


ElectroPlan has made a huge difference to our firm. Not only does it allow our electricians to work off professional,easy to read drawings but it provides a sharp professional image to our clients.

We would not hesitate to recommend this software to a firm looking to improve the quality of their plans.

Jeff Cook, Jenco Electrical Ltd
Auckland, New Zealand
Jenco Electrical Ltd


I used to do my quotes on the kitchen table… Bits of paper, scrappy plans with different coloured highlighters, clunky spreadsheets, lots of hassles.

With ElectroPlan, I can do it all in less than half the time and get an accurate, well presented quote with the added benefit of a layout plan which is clear for the client and also my staff to follow. A real job winner!

Michael, ElectricShock Electrical
Auckland, New Zealand
Electric Shock Ltd