Please fill in the details in the right hand panel to complete the upgrade to ensure your system has the latest features.

After the upgrade is downloaded and installed (see steps below) make sure ElectroPlan shows the latest version in either the opening window or on clicking the About tool-bar button.

Latest Version: 23-11-01 (November 2023)

View recent software upgrade history – click here or scroll down.

Need download / installation instructions ?

Step 1  – Save the download file to your computer. If your browser does not ask you where to save the file, it will be in the browser’s default downloads folder – look for “Downloads” in the menu options.

If your anti-virus software intervenes in the download process, it is not because the download has a virus, it is  because the install program is not recognized by the anti-virus software and its file type has triggered a response. Look for options to allow the download and install process and to make the install program an allowed exception.

Step 2 – Find the downloaded file on your computer either in your browser’s Downloads area or in the place you saved it, and double click the file to start the install process.

Step 3 Follow the instructions in the install process.

Important Notes …

Multiple Users … The upgrade only needs to be done once for users who share an installation of ElectroPlan. Make sure all users are out of ElectroPlan before starting the upgrade process.

ElectroPlan Location … When you get to this stage of the upgrade (see image below) it is very important to get the updated ElectroPlan files to the correct location … ie the folder where ElectroPlan is installed and started from using your desktop shortcut. Below is the page of the Setup process here the correct location is entered.

* By default ElectroPlan installs into the folder C:/ElectroPlan

* If ElectroPlan has been installed in or moved to another location (eg Network drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, cloud service etc) the default location C:\ElectroPlan needs to be changed.

* To obtain the folder where ElectroPlan is installed … (This can be done before running the install process)

1 – Press the Windows key and M to show the desktop. 2 – Right-Click your desktop shortcut to ElectroPlan and select ‘Properties’ from the menu. 3 – Select and Copy the text in the ‘Start in’ field in readiness to paste it into the edit box as shown above (no quote marks) replacing the existing text.

* When the install process is run and you get to the page shown above …

1 – Paste the text from the ‘Start in field of the ‘Properties’ window. If the above window has disappeared from view when the text was being copied , then Click the ElectroPlan Setup icon on the task-bar to re-show the Setup program. 2 – Press enter to continue and confirm the folder to install into.

* Once the setup program has completed, start ElectroPlan and ensure that the version shown in the startup window is the latest version – see below or at the top of this page.

* Please contact ElectroPlan if you need any assistance with this upgrade process.

Recent Upgrade History …

Version: 23-11-01 (November 2023)

Increased Width Rectangular Component Icons:
Additional to the standard 16×16 and 25×25 pixel icons, Custom Icons can now be created and are 16 or 25 pixels high with widths of 25, 32, 48, 60 pixels.
To create a Custom Icon …
Use the ‘Icon Size’ drop-down selection Icon Designer and select the ‘Custom’ setting. 
The selections for Height and Width will be activated so the size of the icon can be set.
The icon’s actual size is shown to the right so you can see how the finished icon will look.
The icon edit area will reconfigure to accommodate the choice of icon size.
Save and allocate the icon to a component in the usual way.

Combined Legend … Two new options on the Legend Menu

  1. Create Plan With Combined Legend for Project 
    A new plan named ‘Legend’ with no plan image is created with a Combined Legend for all components on all plans.
    The name of this plan can be changed in the Plan Details window.
    All the usual controls (position, columns, font size, order apply to the Combined Legend.
    You can delete this new plan and all legends on all plans will be reset to normal ie a legend on each plan.
    This option is also available on the ‘New Plan menu and the [+] add new plan button.

  2. Set Combined Legend on this plan 
    The legend of the currently selected plan becomes the Combined Legend for all plans showing all Components. All other plans will no longer display a legend.

    All the usual controls (position, columns, font size, order apply to the Combined Legend.
    (To reverse – Locate the item of the Legend Menu  – ‘Combined Legend on this plan – Click to unset’)
    On plans other than this one the legend menu will be disabled and the plan showing the Combined Legend will be listed.

Revision …
Change to Lines, Memo, Text etc on Plans functionality
Here is how this area now works…
*  Click the Lines++ toolbar button – to show all the corners of the added items on the plan.
* Click one of the marked corners to select an item 
           – the Configuration is also shown in the Configuration Options window.
* If nothing is selected, (as above) ie as when Lines++ toolbar button is first clicked ON, the details shown in the Configuration Options will be the Default Configuration for the item type from the Library.

The details of any item will be shown in the Configuration Options window when the mouse is passed over one of the marked corners of an item or an item is selected by clicking one of the marked corners.

 * To Add a new item to the plan …
Click the icon for the type of item either in the Component Suite ‘PLAN LINES ETC’ Category or click the appropriate icon on the left hand edge of the Configuration Options window. 
Adjust the parameters as needed and then click on the plan where you want the new item to be located.
Adjust the size and exact location by dragging the marked corners.
 * To Edit an item …
Select the item by clicking one of the marked corners 
The details of the item will be shown in the Configuration Options window
Adjust the parameters as needed and then click the ‘Apply Configuration to Selected Item’ button.
 * To Clone an item …
Select the item to be cloned by clicking one of the marked corners 
The details of the  item will be shown in the Configuration Options window
Adjust the parameters if needed and then click on the plan where you want the new item to be located 
Adjust the size and exact location by dragging the marked corners.
 * As previously, default Configurations are in the Library including Text for memos.

Fixes …

* Check for non-numeric characters in the Cable Path Order field to prevent a project load error.
* Incorrect Component Move guide shown when using the Square Outline icon – fixed
* Un-selection of a Component causes the project save button to be enabled when no change has been made.
* The Component Selection window now stays open for further selections or manual close.
* Rotation of unconnected Circuit Counter causes the component to become invisible.- fixed
* Help Links to website – fixed a couple that opened the right page but not at the right place.
* Corrected display of location of deleted Components in Variation views.
* Avoid loss of icon edits when changing tabs in Icon Editor / Component Calculator window.

Version: 23-03-01 (March 2023)

New Features …
* Component Definition – New Second Description field added which can optionally be shown on the Legend and Component Listing in the documentation export.

* Component ID Code to replace the component icon on Plans, Legend and Component Listing

   –  Add an ID code (5 characters max) to the definition of a Placed Component on a plan.
   – This code will be shown on the plan and legend in place of the Component Icon and the Component will be        shown separately on the Legend from other components of the same type.
    – Use this code to identify special components individually that have some special purpose.

* New Option on Placed Components Edit window to allow the Comments to be shown on the Legend.

These 3 new features allow for more information to be included on the plan by identifying special components and adding more description.

* Legend Font Settings and Order of Listing Special ID Components

* Selected Component Window – New Edit Component button to open edit window as if the component was         double clicked. 

   This is an alternative way to select a component for edit if your double clicks are mis-interpreted as moves in     Variations mode.

* Plan Details Window – Shows plan image location and filename to assist with locating the image file to edit         using a graphics program.

Fixes …
* Additional Items tab – Add Hint – Click “Save Changes” or “Refresh Data” to recalculate the total.

* Plan Details Window – Edit image – invoking image editor – If the editor is not configured or does not start, there is an option to open the on-line help for Plan Image Editing.

* Remove commas from added line text to prevent project load error. (Component Labels can still use commas)

Version: 22-05-01 (May 2022)

New Features …
Component “Counter Mode”
This is a new option in the ‘Placed Component Edit Option’ window.
Replace Component Icon with Circuit Connection Count.
If the component has connections to other components the icon is temporarily replaced by the count of the number of connections.
This enables any Component to be used as a Circuit Counter for Lighting, Power, Data etc.
Once a count has served its purpose the Icon can be reinstated by reselecting the reverse option in the same menu as before or the Component can be swapped to something else like a ganged switch or switchboard option.
If the Component is left in “Counter Mode” it will show on plans with the count visible but the legend will show the actual component.

 Import Component Icons from Graphics files. 
In the Component Edit area below the Icon Editor is a new button “Import Image”. 
This allows you to open a graphics file with the image to be used to create a new icon. 
Move and resize the selection square to select the area to be converted to a 16×16 or 25×25 pixel icon and
be saved to assign to a Component or for further editing.
Note – As images used will be larger than standard 16×16 and 25×25 pixel icons there will be a degree of pixelation which will make the image more fuzzy. This process will work better for images that are not high quality like photographs.

* Legend Settings
Default Font Size and Column Width.
Access these settings on the “Settings and Options” tab on the “Tools and Settings” window.
Memos, Images, Rectangle + Text ,Plan Measurements
Prevent overwriting of a configuration which would change the item to something else without a warning message. This is designed to avoid these types of items being inadvertently changed (when the “Apply” button is clicked) and having to be redone.

Fixes …

 * Corrected an error in the reading of configuration file settings for the showing of component hints when the mouse hovers over a placed component.
 * Find Project window – Disable Delete button to prevent an error message if no projects are listed as matching the filter string.

 * Placed Component Edit – correct menu selection for Component Swap option.

Version: 22-02-01 (February 2022)

Layers …New Features …

Indication of Components on other Layers – In the ‘Tools and Settings’ window on the ‘Settings and Options’ tab there is a setting – ‘Appearance of Components on Hidden Layers’
This determines the appearance of Components which are in hidden Layers … This enables a guide to existing components when new components are being added to a plan or moved.
The settings are ‘Fully Hidden, White Square, Light Grey Square, Dark Grey Square’
Except for the Fully Hidden option, placing the mouse pointer over the location of a component on another layer will reveal a view of the component.

Printing and Export – Layer Settings are recognized during Export and Print.
As a reminder of active Layer settings, the plans with active layers are indicated with an * after the plan name in the plan list.

Global Layers Setting – Click the ‘Apply to All Plans’ checkbox in the Layers drop-down panel to set up a Layers selection  that will apply to all plans. This allows a quick setting to export a whole project for specific applications. ie Power and Panels, Lights and Switching etc.
With this Global application setting, plans with components that are in an active layer are indicated with a *, plans with no visible components are not selected for output by default as there are no components visible on the plan. The plan can still be selected for export if required.

Legend – The legend is updated to only show components belonging to active layers.
Also the legend has a narration of the active layers for the plan or the global layers.

Selecting All Components in the Same Layer – To select all Components in active layers …
Method 1 – Select one Component using Control+Click, then Click the “Select All in Same Layer” button in the Selected Components window, the system will select all the components in all active layers.
This is an easy way to select Components to Move to another plan.
Method 2 – The option to “Select All Components in the Same Layer” is also available on the drop-down options in the Component Details Edit window (double click a Component to open)

Copy/Move – If you click the Copy/Move Toolbar button with an activated layer the Component selection in the “COPY Plan Image and MOVE Components” window will have the components in the active layer pre-selected for a quick move to a new plan.

Fixes …

  * Project Import Function – Fix non-allocation of Component Category for lines linked to Components.
  * Ensure various windows are closed after Tool-bar buttons are clicked to avoid conflicts.
  * Fix Component positioning error when zooming while the plan image is scrolled.
  * Correctly restore Layers selected when dropdown list is closed after moving mouse to Toolbar
  * Correction to Layers function not hiding some lighting connection lines.
  * Error in Move/Copy function when bringing all Components in front of Component Labels
  * Close Open Project window if New Project toolbar button clicked


Version: 21-08-01 (August 2021)

New …

   * Rectangle + Text – New option to Recall Text or clear the Text placed on the plan.
      The setting last used is saved and recalled when ElectroPlan is re-started.
      Note: If the Line type is Changed the text is cleared.
   * Enabled Component move and Cable Path Length Re-Calculation while the Cable Details window is open.

Fixes …

   * Ensure various windows are closed after Tool-bar buttons are clicked to avoid conflicts.

Version: 21-07-01 (July 2021)

New Features …

* Plan Layers – Component Visibility on Screen Plan by Category.

– Visually similar to the concept of “layers” in graphics programs.
– Click the “View by Layer” button at the top of the plan to select which Component Categories (Layers) are shown. This button   changes to white on green when the layer view is activated.
– New Layers are added as new Categories of Components are added to the plan.
– Components are not deleted or altered in any way, just temporarily hidden to clarify the view when plans are getting a bit congested.
– This is on-screen only – the Plan Export still includes all Components.
– This is also a useful way to select and move a set of components to another plan.

* Variations – Lines, Memos, Text, Component Labels  are greyed out if entered in a previous variation. These are shown in full colour if edited. ie These items behave the same as Components.

* New Tool-bar button – Quick Guide – go to the ElectroPlan Quick Reference area on the Quick Start Guide website page.
This is a good place to visit and have a read (will not take long) even if you have been using ElectroPlan for a while.
It is a quick reminder of some of the features that you may not realise are available and it also contains the answers to often asked questions about ElectroPlan. Visit Now.

* Further Revision of Plan Lines etc to make this area easier to use.
               Specifically …
             – Component Label – Select the Component (Ctrl key + Click)
                then click “Component Label” to configure the label.
             – Multiple Component functions (Connection Curve, Cable Paths etc )
               Select by clicking the button in the “Plan Lines etc” tab then select the components
               by just clicking (Ctrl key not required)

Fixes …

* Lines++ Objects – The first item entered for a project does not relocate using the original top left corner, only the bottom right.

* Component Details Edit – If a non-zero price is entered, the “Include in Component List and Project Total” option is automatically
  set to checked to prevent Components with prices from being excluded from the Project Total

* Prevent Component Labels from obscuring Components and the Legend.

* Line Configuration Window and Assistance Window – improve relocation behavior.

* Image on Plan – Reposition the image so as not to obscure the image border.

* Project Export – Plans Only selection – Variations History left checked.

* Help button on PDF Extract window – corrected to valid website link

* The panel containing – New Tab, Zoom and View by Category buttons is now relocated to a lower position if needed (i.e. many plans or long plan names used in a project) so as not to obscure the plan name tabs.

* The Setting for the showing of Component details (when the mouse hovers over a component) sometimes  gets reset when the system is upgraded to a new version.

* Text in Rectangle – once a text item has been placed or edited the text edit box is cleared.


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