Cloud Options

ElectroPlan in the Cloud

Here are a few options to operating ElectroPlan using various Cloud and On-Line Services …

Run ElectroPlan on-line using ERICOM® Desktop – This service allows you run any Windows application in your browser from any operating system (Windows, MacOS, Linux) or use Remote Desktop Connection for Windows or Mac.

Click here for more details about ElectroPlan on ERICOM® Desktop


Dropbox and Google Drive – store, access and share your ElectroPlan files directly from your on-line drive.

      Click here for more details about ElectroPlan with Cloud Drives


These options have the following advantages …

  • Share your work between computers.
  • Share you work with colleagues.
  • Run ElectroPlan on a non-Windows computer. (Frame – see below)
  • Ensure your ElectroPlan files are safe from computer malfunctions.
  • Access your ElectroPlan files from any location.


Run ElectroPlan on-line using ERICOM® Desktop

Click here to visit the ERICOM® Desktop webpage

The image below shows ElectroPlan running full screen in a browser with the tool-bar (blue frame) floating to give maximum height for the plan area. The grey/pink/yellow tool-bar below and to the right of the floating ElectroPlan tool-bar is the Desktop tool-bar menu with icons to access various Desktop functions.

This remote desktop option takes ElectroPlan off your PC desktop and allows it to be run …

  • in an internet browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera)
  • on any computer (PC, Mac, iPad, Chromebook)
  • regardless of the operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)

The ERICOM® Desktop environment is very like a Windows desktop and can link to your cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive or Box) or you can upload/download files directly from your PC desktop. (see the icons on the desktop tool-bar)

If you want to pursue this option with ElectroPlan please follow the link above for more information about ERICOM® Desktop.

Also, please contact us at ElectroPlan and let us know about your experience with ERICOM® Desktop, including any problems, as we are keen to know how many ElectroPlan users would benefit from having ElectroPlan as an on-line application.

ElectroPlan functions in the same way as it does on a Windows desktop with performance very dependent on your internet connection speed.

ElectroPlan on ERICOM® Desktop

Opening Screen after sign-in…

This is the ERICOM® Desktop with no applications running except the Desktop Explorer.

It shows the applications you have installed as well as the default applications, Chrome, Adobe Reader etc. You can install other Windows applications besides ElectroPlan.

The Explorer windows is located on D:ElectroPlan which is the preferred location for the installation of ElectroPlan to avoid any permissions issues which can happen with an installation on drive C:


 If you need any assistance with, or have any questions about setting up ElectroPlan on ERICOM® Desktop please contact us at ElectroPlan.

If you want us to set ElectroPlan up for you we can do that for you and invoice you for the time involved.


Some – How To’s for getting started with ElectroPlan on ERICOM® Desktop.

Installing or Upgrading ElectroPlan

The files you download from the ElectroPlan website to install or upgrade ElectroPlan need to be uploaded into the ERICOM® Desktop environment so they can be run to install or upgrade ElectroPlan. Here are a couple ways to do that ….

Direct Upload from your PC …

  1. Use the Upload Files icon on the desktop tool-bar to upload the file from your PC to the Downloads folder under Favorites in the Windows Explorer.
  2. Open the Downloads folder and double click the file to start the install or upgrade process as if you were working on your own PC.

Download the install or upgrade files directly using the Chrome browser which is already installed on the ERICOM® Desktop.

  1. Navigate the browser to and go to the Free Trial or Upgrade pages and complete the entries in the right hand sidebar.
  2. By default the download will be saved to Downloads under Favourites.
  3. Click on the Explorer icon in the lower task-bar and find the Favourites >> Downloads folder and double click the downloaded file to start the install or upgrade.

NOTE: The recommended install location on the ERICOM® Desktop is D:ElectroPlan

Make sure you select this location at the third screen in the install or upgrade process (after the License Agreement) …

Entering your ElectroPlan Registration (2 methods)

  • (1) From the email you received from ElectroPlan, copy and paste the details to the ‘Registration Details’ tab in the ‘Tools and Settings’ window.
  • (2) From the email you received from ElectroPlan, save the attached file  ElectroPlanRegistration.TXT  to the D:ElectroPlan folder while ElectroPlan is not running and then start ElectroPlan.  The registration details will be read from the file on start-up.


ElectroPlan with Cloud Drives

Dropbox or Google Drive on Windows

Follow these steps to add access to Dropbox or Google Drive to your Windows Desktop ..


Download the Windows client software to your computer.

For Dropbox use this link … Download Dropbox or google “Dropbox on Windows” or similar.

For Google Drive use this link … Download Google Drive or google “Google Drive on Windows” or similar.

Once you have downloaded the client software and run the install process you should see Dropbox or Google Drive within Windows Explorer under Favorites. If you click the Dropbox or Google Drive  entry under Favorites you will be taken to the drive contents under your Windows user login name.

Cloud Drives on Windows

There are two options to using ElectroPlan with Cloud Drives … “Live Mode” or “Backup Mode”

Live Mode

All ElectroPlan files are located on the Cloud Drive folder.

Typically the path to ElectroPlan as seen within the Windows files system is something like the paths below.


C:Users<UserLoginName>Google DriveElectroPlan

ElectroPlan is run from this location by creating a shortcut  to the application file ElectroPlan.exe in the ElectroPlan folder, or you can use any other method within Windows for starting applications.

As ElectroPlan has started from the Cloud Drive Folder, all the file updates that occur as the system runs, are synced over the internet to your Cloud Storage.

To set this up you can either install ElectroPlan in the Cloud Drive Folder directly or copy the ElectroPlan folder and all sub-folders from the installation on your computer’s hard drive. Typically this will be the folder C:ElectroPlan. Once the files have been copied to the Cloud Storage be careful NOT to run ElectroPlan from this local hard drive again as the file content there will be more and more out of date as you work from the Cloud Storage Folder. Best to delete any shortcuts that point to that location and set up new ones for the new Cloud Storage Folder.

The response time for file based activity will vary according to your internet connection speed.

Backup Mode

All ElectroPlan files are located on your computer’s hard drive, ElectroPlan is run in the normal way from your hard drive exactly as per the standard install procedure.

When you have finished an ElectroPlan session the ElectroPlan folder and all sub-folders are copied to the Cloud Drive – effectively creating a backup of your ElectroPlan files in the Cloud.


For either mode your ElectroPlan files are available on line for you to access from another computer either directly (Live Mode) or after being copied from the Cloud Drive to the other computer’s hard drive (Backup Mode)

For information on how to copy files and folders using various copy methods, please consult Windows documentation on line. (Google “windows copy folders” or “xcopy” for a command line based option)


Updating to a new version of ElectroPlan

When new versions of ElectroPlan become available you can do the update in the normal way the only thing to be aware of is to navigate to the correct folder to install the upgrade.


At the third screen in the upgrade process (after the License Agreement) click the browse button and navigate to the Cloud Storage Folder. The path will be similar to that shown in the image with your login name and Dropbox or Google Drive.

For multi-user situations all users should be out of ElectroPlan when the update is done and should find that are on the latest version of ElectroPlan without having to to the upgrade on their computer.




Users’ experiences with ElectroPlan …

Getting better and easier to use all the time

Tim Suckling

Great to use, works with the features we require

Peter Murfitt
ETC Electrical Solutions Ltd

Easy and good to use.

Callum and Blair
HEL Rimu Electrical

It makes the planning of jobs far easier. A little bit of pre-planning means the on-site crew can get straight into working.

James Spence
Mr Sparks Electrical


ElectroPlan has been great for our business, with the constant updates and improvements it is really good now. I like the available customization that can be done. Our Builders and their clients really appreciate the level of professionalism that this program offers. Clear easy to read.

Jason Cadogan
Jace Electrical Services


Andre Pieterse

ElectroPlan is instrumental in calculating accurate costs.  Plans help locate accidentally covered openings after drywall installation.  The exportable forms help make very easy to understand the financial picture for all parties involved in the construction project.

Zach Finger
EAV Consultants LLC, USA

Awesome package have been using it for years.  Would recommend to all

Andre Pieterse
ASSC Electrical and Engineering


A great program for drawing up Electrical Layouts for your customers.

The addition of Variations will save time and eliminate mistakes.

Peter Haddad
PHD Electrical Ltd

Fantastic, cant wait to use the changes around drawing lines.

John Shepherd
Electro Plus Limited

Use it all the time, 3 or 4 designs a week.

Brian Townley
Townley Trenching & Inspections Ltd

Awesome program have been using it for years now and it just gets better

Andre Pieterse

Very easy to use and makes things easier for everybody.

Jagdeep Singh
Jayden Electrical Ltd

Fantastic, easy to use even from the first click.

Devon English
CND Electrical Ltd


Zach Finger
Viper Electric, LLC

Fit for purpose, the more I adjust it to suit me, the faster it gets.

Aaron Rogers
Smart Electricians Ltd


We’ve been using ElectroPlan for several years, found it very easy to use, it gives us a great opportunity to add value to our planning. Customers love to receive a plan which is easy to understand.
The s
upport team are always available and very active to make updates and improvements to the software to suits our needs.
Highly recommended to any electrical business.

Nancy Wang
Topa Electrical Ltd

I have found ElectroPlan good for plans and pricing. I would like to utilize it more.

Joshua Baird
J.B Electrics Ltd


Great program, easy to use and creates professional looking electrical plans.

William Iversen
Arrend Electrical Ltd


Great intuitive software, that has saved our company a lot of time and money. Highly recommend.

Peter Haddad
PHD Electrical Ltd


I’m not super tech savvy when it comes to using design software, ElectroPlan has helped me become confident in creating professional and efficient/workable plans that anyone can understand, simple to use with loads of adjustment available, I would recommend ElectroPlan to any business wanting to do in-house design work or customer plan building tailored to your customers and your style of work.

Marcus Goldsbury
ION Electrical Solutions Ltd


We have been using ElectroPlan for some years now and have found it to be a definite asset to the company.
Easy to use, the ElectroPlan team keeps on updating the software with new and exiting features. Always works the way you need it too!

Andre Pieterse
ASSC Electrical and Engineering Ltd


Use it daily for all our electrical plans.
Is great being able to give your clients professional looking electrical plans

Nick Gardner, Manager
Potter Electrical Ltd
Whangerei, New Zealand


ElectroPlan has made a huge difference to our firm. Not only does it allow our electricians to work off professional,easy to read drawings but it provides a sharp professional image to our clients.

We would not hesitate to recommend this software to a firm looking to improve the quality of their plans.

Jeff Cook, Jenco Electrical Ltd
Auckland, New Zealand
Jenco Electrical Ltd


I used to do my quotes on the kitchen table… Bits of paper, scrappy plans with different coloured highlighters, clunky spreadsheets, lots of hassles.

With ElectroPlan, I can do it all in less than half the time and get an accurate, well presented quote with the added benefit of a layout plan which is clear for the client and also my staff to follow. A real job winner!

Michael, ElectricShock Electrical
Auckland, New Zealand
Electric Shock Ltd