Please fill in the details in the right hand panel to complete the upgrade to ensure your system has the latest features.

After the upgrade is downloaded and installed (see steps below) make sure ElectroPlan shows the latest version in either the opening window or on clicking the About tool-bar button.

Latest Version: 21-02-01 (February 2021)

View recent software upgrade history – click here or scroll down.

Need download / installation instructions ?

Step 1  – Save the download file to your computer. If your browser does not ask you where to save the file, it will be in the browser’s default downloads folder – look for “Downloads” in the menu options.

If your anti-virus software intervenes in the download process, it is not because the download has a virus, it is  because the install program is not recognized by the anti-virus software and its file type has triggered a response. Look for options to allow the download and install process and to make the install program an allowed exception.

Step 2 – Find the downloaded file on your computer either in your browser’s Downloads area or in the place you saved it, and double click the file to start the install process.

Step 3 Follow the instructions in the install process.

Important Notes …

Multiple Users … The upgrade only needs to be done once for users who share an installation of ElectroPlan. Make sure all users are out of ElectroPlan before starting the upgrade process.

ElectroPlan Location … When you get to this stage of the upgrade (see image below) it is very important to get the updated ElectroPlan files to the correct location … ie the folder where ElectroPlan is installed and started from using your desktop shortcut. Below is the page of the Setup process here the correct location is entered.

* By default ElectroPlan installs into the folder C:/ElectroPlan

* If ElectroPlan has been installed in or moved to another location (eg Network drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, cloud service etc) the default location C:\ElectroPlan needs to be changed.

* To obtain the folder where ElectroPlan is installed … (This can be done before running the install process)

1 – Press the Windows key and M to show the desktop. 2 – Right-Click your desktop shortcut to ElectroPlan and select ‘Properties’ from the menu. 3 – Select and Copy the text in the ‘Start in’ field in readiness to paste it into the edit box as shown above (no quote marks) replacing the existing text.

* When the install process is run and you get to the page shown above …

1 – Paste the text from the ‘Start in field of the ‘Properties’ window. If the above window has disappeared from view when the text was being copied , then Click the ElectroPlan Setup icon on the task-bar to re-show the Setup program. 2 – Press enter to continue and confirm the folder to install into.

* Once the setup program has completed, start ElectroPlan and ensure that the version shown in the startup window is the latest version – see below or at the top of this page.

* Please contact ElectroPlan if you need any assistance with this upgrade process.

Recent Upgrade History …

Version: 21-02-01 (February 2021)

New Features …

* Variations: Exported Component List only shows New Components when variation export price setting is “Latest Variation Price”
* Lighting Layout – Arrange 4 lighting fittings in a room by positioning two lights and the system will arrange the other two in a rectangular pattern
consistent with the first 2 components.

Fixes …

* Select and Move Component to another plan – Allow for a scrolled destination plan.
* Restoring a disabled feature – Shift + Component Click to Set Selected Component.
* Error saving New Component details when “User Management of image files” set to “System … “
* After Moving Components to another plan, Component Icons not restored after being Selected
* Remove link to ElectroPlan on exported plans


Version: 20-11-01 (November 2020)

* Component Suite Layout Redesign
– Component buttons within a Category are scroll-able with the mouse wheel -no more ‘lost’ components.
– Category Selection Tabs replaced by buttons that remain in the same location and order.
– For more space – hide the buttons and use a drop-down list to select Categories.

* New Functionality for Plan Lines etc
– This area has had a revision to make it easier and quicker to use.
– New Component Category : PLAN LINES ETC in the Component Suite with a button for each type of item:you might add to a plan …
Lines, Connection Curves, Text and Notes, Images, Cable Paths, Component Labels, Plan Measurements.
– Default Configuration for each type of item: Held in the library and retrieved when the type is selected.
To define the default configurations – Open the Lines++ Configuration Window and select an item, set
the configuration and click ‘Set as Default’. Repeat for all items or to change a default.

* Component Labels
– Easier and quicker addition or edit from the Edit Placed Component window
– Double click the component or its label to open the Component Edit window.
– The default configuration is automatically selected.

* Placed Component Edit:
– New drop-down menu for quick access to Selected Component options
– as if the Component was selected using Control + Click

* Project Variations
– Variations enable a project to be frozen and subsequent additions and changes to be highlighted.
   – Components are shown on the plan in grey-scale, new and moved components are in colour.
   – Changes in the total value of the project are tracked in the history record.
– Project Totals can be shown either as a total for the current changes or in total for all stages.
– Project Plans can be shown with changes highlighted or as a complete plan for installation.
   – The cycle of creating new variations can continue as a project evolves or the first variation can remain
with accumulating changes.

* Before using the Variations facility on a live project, test it out on a small trial project first.
* Make small changes and variation steps and track the results on the plans and in the calculations so that you have a clear understanding of how it works.
* All settings are saved with the project – this means that the project needs to be re-saved when changes are made before a
new Variation can be created.

* Improved functionality of Line Type Library Editor – Configurations for PLAN LINES ETC
   – Save a new Configuration without having to delete the old version.
* Rectangle and Text – increased text length from 50 to 100 characters.
* New Registration Details entered are saved at the time of validation and on exiting ElectroPlan.
* Maximize, Minimise, Close icons added to Floating Component Selector window title bar.
* Cable Calculations and Plan Measurements : Double Click Measurement Markers to show the menu previously accessed by a Right Click.

Fixes …

* Added a Close button to the Project Load progress window in case it does not close automatically.
* Correction to the initial placement of a cloned Component (Alt Key + Click) on a scrolled plan.
* Changes to CostItems editing and saving to give added resilience to data loss where CostItems have been changed.
* Prevent Upgrade install from resetting the Supplier Download File Catalogue.
* After Document Export – Correctly restore the floating Component Suite window on multiple monitors.
* Correct freeze error when Exporting a project with many plans.
* Placed Component Edit window – Note about inclusion of Special Prices in Markup calculation
   now changes depending on the setting for this in the main project details tab.
* Placed Component Edit window – edit of standard price disabled – should be enabled.
* Remove the Circuit Counter category being an option for the category of other components.
* Ensure the Circuit Counter component remains in the Circuit Category.
* Selected Components Window – wider to enable better button descriptions.
* Increased separation between date and time on exported plans.


Version: 20-06-01 (June 2020)

Fixes …
* Capture Date Format errors in CoC date fields to prevent project being unable to load
* Save Project button left enabled incorrectly when loading a project from the Startup Window.
* Selected Components Position Adjust – Plan Measurements are now updated with each keystroke.
* Selected Components Alignment Adjust – Plan Measurements are now updated with each movement.
* Enhance on-screen message when ‘New Image’ button is clicked to help prevent loss of component icons in the Component Icon editor.


Version: 20-05-02 (May 2020)

New in this version …

* Project Name search in ‘Find a Project’ is now not case sensitive. Entering ‘lot 23’ will find ‘Lot 23’ and ‘lot 23’ and ‘LOT 23’

Fixes …

* Error in Null to Numeric Conversion when exporting a CoC from a new project
* Corrected spelling of Length in Plan Measurements options.


Version: 20-05-01 (May 2020)

New in this version ..
* Component and Plan Image Reflecting and Rotation Options …
Useful to facilitate mirrored floor layouts … Create plan A with Components and save, then re-import plan A with Components to become plan B, mirror the plan and image. Replace the image if needed..
For a full description click here to access the website Insights page on this topic.
* New Date Formatting option under Tools and Settings for Exported Documents and Plans

* Export Document Pages Selection – new option to save current selection as the Default Document Options

* Selected Component Position Adjust – New pixel count option to speed up the movement of larger groups of components. Return to 1 pixel steps for final accuracy.

* Added ‘Update Image on Scroll’ checkbox to ‘Get Plan Image from another Application Window’ option.

* Circuit Counter – The counter now counts all line types. This enables various line paths between Components where a plan area needs more clarity.

* Plan Measurements can now be defined between Components – This allows dimensions to be shown on a plan and optionally measured using the Cable Paths Measurement Markers.

* Component Selection – Where 2 Components are selected and a line exists between them, the details of that line can be retrieved for editing using the ‘Get Highlighted Item Details’ button on the ‘Lines ++ Configuration’ window

Fixes …
   * Detection of 25×25 pixel components outside PlanFrame sometimes fails.
   * Re-Enable “Use Whole Image” button after closure of Image Capture window.
   * Corrected location of bottom right corner of memo for movement of a memo on a scrolled plan.
   * Fixed error when importing from a project plan that includes a Plan Measurement.
   * Fixed problem with itemising Plan Measurements for importation.
   * Fixed problem with itemising Plan Measurements and Images for Copy / Move.
   * Fixed problem with additional Project Notes importation.
   * Correction to saving ‘Special Prices in Markup’ option and remove resulting N suffix on Project Reference
   * Correct error with using the ‘Space Vertically’ function with Selected Components.
   * Fixed error message after notification of missing plan image file.
   * Fixed closure of window when opening a new Supplier Data file.
   * Improved image centering in exported documents
   * Updated Export Document postal address layout

Version: 19-11-02 (November 2019)

Fixes …

   * Project Totals not showing on Total Documentation Page
   * Project Notes links not showing as blue, underlined text.


Version: 19-11-01 (November 2019)

New and Updated Features …

* [New] Component Find …        
Click the Component Find text box at the top of the Component Suite and start typing a few characters of a Component Description or Category and see a list of matching components.
Select the component as if you found it in the Component Suite.

* [New]   Selecting a Component in the Component Suite using a Component already on a plan.
Hold down the Shift key and click the component – the component is now selected in the Component Suite. Saves time by providing a quick way to re-select components.

* [New]   Replicating a Component on a plan …
Hold down the Alt key and click the component – a new component of the same type is placed on the plan below and to the right of the clicked component.
Use this to quickly add a component if the Selected Component at the top of the Component Suite is not the one you want.
All properties of the component are replicated – Price, Special Price, Rotation etc.
Drag the new component to where you want it.

* Cable Paths :  [Enhancements]
Add a Component to the end of a Path …- Select one Component on the Path, then click “Select All Cable Path”- Select the Component(s) on the plan to be added to the Path then click “Extend Cable Path”
Remove Last Component on Path …Select one Component on the Path, then click “Select All Cable Path”- Click “Reduce Cable Path” to remove the last component.- Repeat for the next Component if needed.

* [New] Project Notes Extension – Include click-able links within exported documentation to enable clients to access additional on-line information.
The links are in an editing area below Project Notes.
These links are listed below the Project Notes in the exported document.Default links can be added to the Default Project Notes file-
See Help for Tools and Settings > Document Content > Default Project Notes

* [New] Optional Inclusion of Special Prices in Project Margin Calculation
Until now Special Prices on Components have not been included in the Margin Price Adjustment. Checking the box below the Margin edit box allows them to be included / excluded

Fixes …

   * Exporting Component List – URL’s not shown correctly.
   * Cable Specifications window opening from the Component Suite
        – fixed error condition when the Project Details tab is selected.
   * Component Special Prices copying – Fixed error message when Special Price larger than $1000.
   * Product Range Calculations – Fixed non-inclusion of Additional Items Total.
   * Error in Null to Numeric Conversion when exporting a CoC from a new project.
   * Saving a Project – Additional message about invalid characters in project name.


Version: 19-09-01 (September 2019)

  • Import a Plan Image from another open Window on your computer.

A new option on the “New Plan” menu … This is an alternative import method for PDF files that do not process well using the standard PDF image extract process.
Open the file containing the image you want to use either in a browser or PDF viewer before selecting this new option after clicking the “New Plan” or [+] buttons.

ElectroPlan will show a list of all the visible windows on your computer, with images,to allow you to select the window of the application that opened the image you need.

Select the appropriate window to begin importing the image in the usual way.

  • Plan Measurements – New function in the Lines++ additions to a plan.
    This new feature uses Cable Paths Calculations Measurement Markers to define a known distance or dimension on the plan, calculate areas of placed rectangles, distances and dimensions. Check out this link for more details.
    This is useful for calculating distances and areas for Cable runs, Heat Pumps, Ventilation etc.

  • Plan Import – New Erase Tool
    Define a Custom Erase Shape – Erase everything inside or outside the shape. Erase a complicated area within the plan or quickly erase a border around the plan area.
    At the Erase/Select stage of the image import process look for the “Custom Erase” tab with further details.
    Certificate of Compliance.
  • Add a signature image file definition to the Document Content tab in Tools and Settings for use in the CoC document to allow automatic addition of your signature for emailing. Leave blank to print and sign manually.
    Component Calculator – SubComponentID item code increased to 20 characters.

Fixes …

* Line++ Configuration not correctly adjusted for item selected from Library.
* Recalculate Project Bill of Materials when Component Details Edit window closes.
* Suppress activation of Floating Component Suite during plan image import.
* Adding New Plan with Component Suite in float mode – Plan Details fails to open.


Version: 19-05-01 (May 2019)

  • Project Archives  – Move projects to the Archive that are not current but may still be needed for future reference. This speeds up access to current projects.
  • Selected Components – New Action – Delete all selected components.
    Uses –
    * Quickly delete all components from a room
    * Select and delete all components of the same type or Category
    * Select one then all components on a Cable Path, then delete the whole path.
  • Component Suite Float Enhancements – If a category of components has more components than are visible in the Component Suite (CS) viewing pane – Click the Float Comp button to float the CS over the top of the plan.
    * The floating CS window can now be widened to allow all components in a category to be seen by clicking the [<>] button as well as dragging the corners and edges of the window.
    * When a component selection is made the CS window closes (optionally) to prevent the plan being obscured.
    * To make the CS window re-appear after placing the selected component just push the mouse pointer to the left or right edge of the screen.
    * The size and location of the CS window are saved between uses of the system so that it will always be located and sized as you prefer it.
    * This new feature works for multiple monitors.


Version: 19-03-02 (March 2019)

  • Fixed component connection lines becoming dotted after component selection using Shift+Drag selection method.


Version: 19-03-01 (March 2019)

  • Entering New Registration Details – Single button paste of all registration details selected and copied as a single block from the Registration Details email. Select and copy everything from the name down to the end of the registration number.
  • Document Export – Materials Order – Widen Item ID columns to allow for longer codes.


Version: 18-12-01 (December 2018)

  • New Option on ‘Add a New Plan’ menu – ‘Get New Plan Image from an Existing Plan’ Add new plan using the image, plan frame and legend locations of an existing plan.
  • Plan Details – ‘Replace a Plan Image’ new option on menu  ‘Get Plan Image from an Existing Plan.’ Choose to replace the plan image with the image from another plan.

Fixes …

* Eliminate blank squares on Exported Plan around rotated components that have been Selected Components.
* Lines++ Configuration – Changing from ‘Image’ – remove image filenames from text edit box
* Correct occasional mismatch between Displayed Plan and Data Table Record after Plan Deletion.
* Suppress message about New Project not saved when loading a selected project from the opening window.
* Export Settings on entry into Export window – set options to ‘Plans Only’ if all options are unchecked. – avoids creating an empty export file.


Version: 18-10-01 (October 2018)

  • Set the legend font size

Fixes …

* Component Edit – ‘Save Changes’ button enables after edits but does not re enable after save.
* Default Export Settings – set options to Plans Only if all options are unchecked to avoid an empty export file.
* Placed Component Edit – Fixed losing track of which icon to rotate if the mouse pointer passes over a component during the mouse move to the edit window.


Version: 18-09-01 (September 2018)

  • TAX CALCULATION EXEMPTIONS – Sales Tax, VAT, GST etc … New configuration options to allow for exempt categories of project content: – Tag Additional items with a text label to indicate tax exemption. – Use the TIME Category from the Component Calculator as the tax exempt amount where labour is tax exempt.  Read more …
  •     Component List Document Page – Add Price extension option.
Fixes …
* Legend – Increase maximum height limit.
* Edit Plan Image …
– If a plan image is used for more then one plan: 
– The user has the choice to update the current plan or all plans using that image.
– Mis-alignment of components when editing a scrolled plan image.

Version: 18-08-01 (August 2018)

  • CABLE PATH CALCULATIONS … * Place measurement markers on a plan image to set a known distance. * Select placed components along the cable run to create a Cable Path. * Add cable junctions for points that the cables run through. * Add rises, drops, termination lengths for a total cable length calculation. * Add a Cost Items for a costed / priced total.
  • COMPONENT LABELS – with the appear like rectangle and and memo items with a line drawn to the Component. Text size, font, colour defined as for connecting lines.
  • EDIT A PLAN IMAGE – Define a graphics application to edit an image file and then refresh with the altered image.
  • ADJUST POSITION OF SELECTED COMPONENTS – Use the keyboard arrow keys to move all selected components for accurate and fast re-positioning.
  • PLACEMENT OF IMAGES ON A PLAN – The image is created full size on the plan to a maximum of one third of the width of the plan editing area.
  • IMAGE CORNER MOVEMENTS … * Top Left Corner – the whole image is moved without changing the size. * Bottom Right Corner – the image is resized as the Top Right Corner is not moved. * The shape of the image remains the same with the movement of either corner.
  • EXPORT OPTIONS – Component List and Additional Items can be separately selected in Exported Documents. … Ensure you turn on ‘Additional Items’ in Tools and Settings >> Project Export – Default Document Options
  • PRICE UPDATES – Update project prices adjusted for a selected product range.

Fixes …

  • Name and Company Name field erroneously shown on plan image area removed.
  • Components sometimes move when clicked – Components now only move if the mouse is moved while mouse button held down.
  • Connection Curves – Drawn as a straight line for clarity where components are close together.
  • Check for blank ‘Default Project Notes’ file specification to prevent a file I/O error on opening the application.
  • Fixed Importation of Whole Graphics Image File as a Plan Image – removes need to revert to plan image area selection.
  • Turning on Lines++ no longer highlights lines connected to Components as these must be moved by moving the component.
  • Export Documents – prevent Additional Items header and content being split between pages.
  • Legend showing and not updating after opening of the Selected Components window. Occurred if the legend was initially off.
  • Selecting a Component on a plan using Ctrl+Click no longer highlights the “Save Project” toolbar button.
  • Error when placing an image on a plan with invalid image filename.


Version: 18-05-02 (May 2018)

This version corrects an issue with exporting multiple plans where the images for the second plan onward are shown out of step.


Version: 18-05-01 (May 2018)

This version has a further enhancement of the reporting system that generates PDF files directly …

Whether you export to PDF using the ‘Direct to PDF’ option or the ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ option from the Export Print options your files will now be fully compatible with customers’ Apple devices (Mac , iPhone, iPad etc) no matter which PDF reader software they have used.

Other changes .. COC Page of Export function … dates in the lower part of the document were truncated.


Version: 18-04-01 (April 2018)

New Features …

  • Select All Components of one type on a plan  Select desired component using Ctrl + Click, then click the button to select ALL components of the plan of the same type.
  • Select All Components of one Category on plan – as above but all components in the same Category are selected.
  • Exported Plans … * New Option to Print the Exported Documents – this provides another option to create a PDF export file of the project using the ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ option which is available in the Printer Name drop down list in the Print Options. This may avoid missing plan images issues. * Plan Title Block – Registered Person (not Company Name) is shown if a logo is defined, otherwise Company Name and Registered Person are both shown. * Location of Plan Title Fields … Design your own font, size and layout by drag and drop. IMPORTANT – Please check the layout of your Plan Title Block before exporting any plans to ensure your existing layout is correctly translated.
  • Product Range Price Comparisons – Show the total for the project with variations included.
  • Settings Option – Suppress Pricing on Plan Views – useful for when a client views the screen.
  • PDF Extract – Password entry available if required
  • Plan and Document Logos – more image types supported JPG/PNG/GIF/BMP/TIFF

Fixes …

  • Registration Details Entry … ‘Confirm Details’ button to validate entries pasted by mouse.
  • Selected Components – Changed ‘Delete Connecting Lines’ button to be visible only if more then one component selected  as the function deletes lines ‘between’ components not ‘to’ components.
  • Swapping components in the Selected Components window did not activate Save Project button.
  • Product Range Price Comparison turned off when changing from ‘Project Information’ to Plan tabs as having this visible can slow the system for large projects.
  • Ensure Component Suite is reloaded after the Circuit Counter configuration changes.
  • Line End markers not shown in the correct position after lines were created using the Selected Components window.
  • Fixed problem with PDF extraction of a 1 page file if ‘All’ pages extracted and ‘Whole Image’ used.


Version: 17-11-01 (November 2017)

New Features …

  • Plan Zoom … “Zoom In / Zoom Out” buttons are located at the top of the plan to zoom without having to open the Plan Details window.
  • Add selected Pricing to the Component List page in an Exported Document – the Default is no pricing.
  • A3 Printing Option for Plan Export to PDF
  • Switch Circuit Counter – Counts circuits linked to a switch and converts the switch to the appropriate Component with a full project re-cost and materials calculation done automatically. More info …
  • Data Export – Integration with other data management systems. – Export Component List, Cost Item List, Project Component etc. More info …
  • Edit ‘Additional Items’ Title and Extra Text for the Additional Items section of the Components List in the Project Export
  • Component List in PDF Document – Convert the Description to a web-link for more information.
  • Product Range option for Cost Items in the Component Calculator for Price Comparisons and Product Upgrades. More info …

Fixes …

  • Re-Extract image from PDF – Go to the same scroll location on the new image.
  • Plan Titles – Change to bold style to overcome apparent PDF viewer issue.


 Version:  17-08-02 (August 2017)

Amendment  to correct the drop-down list options in the Show and Value columns of  the Additional Items edit table.

Version:  17-08-01 (August 2017)

This version of ElectroPlan has three significant developments for working with plan images.

  1. Import a WHOLE IMAGE from a PDF file (or other image source) This is in addition to the current method of importing a selected part of a plan.
  2. New Tool – PLAN FRAME – This is a moveable rectangle which can be moved anywhere on the plan to designate the area of the plan which will be exported.
  3. Export to JPG image format for larger plan images – resolutions available.


  • Work with plans larger than the screen dimensions.
  • Improved plan resolution.
  • Move projects between monitors and computers with different sizes and shapes.
  • Avoid some issues with viewing PDF images on Apple Mac and iPhone.

Note – Your current projects will load with the Plan Frame set to the screen corners. You can continue with this setting or move the Plan Frame if you need to.

Follow this link for a full explanation

There are other new features and spin-offs  … read below.

  • Position the legend anywhere on the plan. Current projects will load with the legend located approximately in the original location. Some adjustment may be needed – just drag the legend to its new position.
  • Zoom in to a selected area / room designated by the Plan Frame.
  • Quick Scroll across a plan which is larger than screen size.
  • Exported plan image now generated by image compilation of the plan and components within the Plan Frame – not just a screen shot.

Other new features …

  • The ‘Open Project‘ window compiles the project file list only once per launching of ElectroPlan – faster access to project list.
  • Delete all project files EXCEPT the latest version of a project file – less congestion of old project files in the ‘Open Project’ window.
  • Replicate a Cost Item Margin to other Cost Items in the same Category.
  • Edit description field for ‘Company ID’ and ‘Description of Tax’ – for non NZ subscribers.
  • Add multi-line text to Additional Items with item numbers for sorting the list.

Changes and Fixes …

  • Increased Speed of Re-positioning of Components after the plan image is moved or zoomed in the ‘Plan Details’ window.
  • Project Plan Import – Avoid importing all components from two or more Plans when duplicate plan names exist.
  • Expired Registration Window – link added to the access the ElectroPlan website for subscription renewal.
  • Reset ‘Un-swap Component‘ button back to ‘Swap Component‘ after closing the ‘Selected Components‘ window.
  • Remove commas from the project name edit box to avoid subsequent data corruption of plan image file names.
  • Components Edit – The Component Suite is automatically reloaded after the ‘Component Edit‘ window is closed.
  • Free Trial Version – Export and Print functions are enabled with grayed out icons and lines, the Legend is shown as an outline.
  • Improved layout of Selected Component details to avoid the description obscuring the price.
  • Fix non-deletion of previous project file version after AutoSave activation.
  • Provide more space for Price Text Note in case of long line wrapping.
  • Disable Shift+Left Mouse action on components to prevent false component movement indication.


Version:  17-01-01 (January 2017)

New Features …

* PDF Image Extract … – Select page to extract at nominated resolution – Extraction of All pages is done at the lowest resolution for speed unless a higher resolution is selected..

* Placement and Movement of Components … Mouse pointer options – Hand Pointer, Square Outline, Solid Square, Component Image. (See Settings and Options in Tools and Settings)

* Allow settings changes is Free Trial Version

* Plan Legend … – Multi column – select the number of columns within Plan Details – Component Sort Order … Alphabetical by description (default) or by Category, so that similar components  are listed together. (See Settings and Options in Tools and Settings) – This option also applies to the Component Listing page in Document Export.

* Plan Frame Options … – Plan Frame with Title Block and Logos – Options: Line Width, Colour, Height, Data Field position, Font Name and Size, Logo Position. (See Plan Title Design in Tools and Settings) – Classic Format from previous versions of ElectroPlan still enabled if needed.

* Plan Image Zoom … – Zoom setting by nominated % not just 10% increments. – New Option to NOT move components with plan image zoom and move in Plan Details edit. – (See Plan Details window)

* Import New Image for plan to cater for plan changes, duplicate buildings / units / flats. – Plans can be Copied by Importing back into the project. (See Import from Project option on Open Project listing window)

* Additional Items … – Set initial values of ‘Show’ and ‘Show Value’ settings for new items – Save settings in configuration file for the next run of ElectroPlan.

Changes and Fixes …

* Remove Cost Item Category selection filter before saving component changes to prevent  potential loss of Cost Item data. * Plan areas beneath the legend being hidden in some circumstances. * Check Document Text source files are plain text format – extension TXT * Export Documents … restore Plans to being included after Project Notes * Fix omission of last item in Plan Lines Library.


ElectroPlan was launched in 2014 – The upgrade history back to that time is not shown.

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