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After the upgrade is downloaded and installed (see steps below) make sure ElectroPlan shows the latest version in either the opening window or on clicking the About tool-bar button.

Latest Version: 17-11-01 (November 2017)

View recent software upgrade history.

Need download / installation instructions ?

Step 1  – Save the download file to your computer. If your browser does not ask you where to save the file, it will be in the browser’s default downloads folder – look for “Downloads” in the menu options.

If your anti-virus software intervenes in the download process, it is not because the download has a virus, it is  because the install program is not recognized by the anti-virus software and its file type has triggered a response. Look for options to allow the download and install process and to make the install program an allowed exception.

Step 2 – Find the downloaded file on your computer either in your browser’s Downloads area or in the place you saved it, and double click the file to start the install process.

Step 3 Follow the instructions in the install process.

Important Notes …

Multiple Users … The upgrade only needs to be done once for users who share an installation of ElectroPlan.
Make sure all users are out of ElectroPlan before starting the upgrade process.

ElectroPlan Location … When you get to this stage of the upgrade (see image below) it is very important to get the updated ElectroPlan files to the correct location … ie the folder where ElectroPlan is installed and started from using your desktop shortcut. Below is the page of the Setup process here the correct location is entered.

* By default ElectroPlan installs into the folder C:/ElectroPlan

* If ElectroPlan has been installed in or moved to another location (eg Network drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, cloud service etc) the default location C:\ElectroPlan needs to be changed.

* To obtain the folder where ElectroPlan is installed … (This can be done before running the install process)

1 – Press the Windows key and M to show the desktop.
2 – Right-Click your desktop shortcut to ElectroPlan and select ‘Properties’ from the menu.
3 – Select and Copy the text in the ‘Start in’ field in readiness to paste it into the edit box as shown above (no quote marks) replacing the existing text.

* When the install process is run and you get to the page shown above …

1 – Paste the text from the ‘Start in field of the ‘Properties’ window. If the above window has disappeared from view when the text was being copied , then Click the ElectroPlan Setup icon on the task-bar to re-show the Setup program.
2 – Press enter to continue and confirm the folder to install into.

* Once the setup program has completed, start ElectroPlan and ensure that the version shown in the startup window is the latest version – see below or at the top of this page.

* Please contact ElectroPlan if you need any assistance with this upgrade process.


Recent Upgrade History

Version: 17-11-01 (November 2017)

This version of ElectroPlan has a number of new features requested by subscribers.

  • Plan Zoom … “Zoom In / Zoom Out” buttons are located at the top of the plan to zoom without having to open the Plan Details window.
  • Add selected Pricing to the Component List page in an Exported Document – the Default is no pricing.
  • A3 Printing Option for Plan Export to PDF
  • Switch Circuit Counter – Counts circuits linked to a switch and converts the switch to the appropriate Component with a full project re-cost and materials calculation done automatically. More info …
  • Data Export – Integration with other data management systems.
    – Export Component List, Cost Item List, Project Component etc. More info …
  • Edit ‘Additional Items’ Title and Extra Text for the Additional Items section of the Components List in the Project Export
  • Component List in PDF Document – Convert the Description to a web-link for more information.
  • Product Range option for Cost Items in the Component Calculator for Price Comparisons and Product Upgrades. More info …

Fixes …

  • Re-Extract image from PDF – Go to the same scroll location on the new image.
  • Plan Titles – Change to bold style to overcome apparent PDF viewer issue.


 Version:  17-08-02 (August 2017)

Amendment  to correct the drop-down list options in the Show and Value columns of  the Additional Items edit table.

Version:  17-08-01 (August 2017)

This version of ElectroPlan has three significant developments for working with plan images.

  1. Import a WHOLE IMAGE from a PDF file (or other image source)
    This is in addition to the current method of importing a selected part of a plan.
  2. New Tool – PLAN FRAME – This is a moveable rectangle which can be moved anywhere on the plan to designate the area of the plan which will be exported.
  3. Export to JPG image format for larger plan images – resolutions available.


  • Work with plans larger than the screen dimensions.
  • Improved plan resolution.
  • Move projects between monitors and computers with different sizes and shapes.
  • Avoid some issues with viewing PDF images on Apple Mac and iPhone.

Note – Your current projects will load with the Plan Frame set to the screen corners. You can continue with this setting or move the Plan Frame if you need to.

Follow this link for a full explanation

There are other new features and spin-offs  … read below.

  • Position the legend anywhere on the plan.
    Current projects will load with the legend located approximately in the original location.
    Some adjustment may be needed – just drag the legend to its new position.
  • Zoom in to a selected area / room designated by the Plan Frame.
  • Quick Scroll across a plan which is larger than screen size.
  • Exported plan image now generated by image compilation of the plan and components within the Plan Frame – not just a screen shot.

Other new features …

  • The ‘Open Project‘ window compiles the project file list only once per launching of ElectroPlan – faster access to project list.
  • Delete all project files EXCEPT the latest version of a project file – less congestion of old project files in the ‘Open Project’ window.
  • Replicate a Cost Item Margin to other Cost Items in the same Category.
  • Edit description field for ‘Company ID’ and ‘Description of Tax’ – for non NZ subscribers.
  • Add multi-line text to Additional Items with item numbers for sorting the list.

Changes and Fixes …

  • Increased Speed of Re-positioning of Components after the plan image is moved or zoomed in the ‘Plan Details’ window.
  • Project Plan Import – Avoid importing all components from two or more Plans when duplicate plan names exist.
  • Expired Registration Window – link added to the access the ElectroPlan website for subscription renewal.
  • Reset ‘Un-swap Component‘ button back to ‘Swap Component‘ after closing the ‘Selected Components‘ window.
  • Remove commas from the project name edit box to avoid subsequent data corruption of plan image file names.
  • Components Edit – The Component Suite is automatically reloaded after the ‘Component Edit‘ window is closed.
  • Free Trial Version – Export and Print functions are enabled with grayed out icons and lines, the Legend is shown as an outline.
  • Improved layout of Selected Component details to avoid the description obscuring the price.
  • Fix non-deletion of previous project file version after AutoSave activation.
  • Provide more space for Price Text Note in case of long line wrapping.
  • Disable Shift+Left Mouse action on components to prevent false component movement indication.


Version:  17-01-01 (January 2017)

New Features …

* PDF Image Extract …
– Select page to extract at nominated resolution
– Extraction of All pages is done at the lowest resolution for speed unless a higher resolution is selected..

* Placement and Movement of Components …
Mouse pointer options – Hand Pointer, Square Outline, Solid Square, Component Image. (See Settings and Options in Tools and Settings)

* Allow settings changes is Free Trial Version

* Plan Legend …
– Multi column – select the number of columns within Plan Details
– Component Sort Order … Alphabetical by description (default) or by Category,
so that similar components  are listed together. (See Settings and Options in Tools and Settings)
– This option also applies to the Component Listing page in Document Export.

* Plan Frame Options …
– Plan Frame with Title Block and Logos
– Options: Line Width, Colour, Height, Data Field position, Font Name and Size, Logo Position. (See Plan Title Design in Tools and Settings)
– Classic Format from previous versions of ElectroPlan still enabled if needed.

* Plan Image Zoom …
– Zoom setting by nominated % not just 10% increments.
– New Option to NOT move components with plan image zoom and move in Plan Details edit.
– (See Plan Details window)

* Import New Image for plan to cater for plan changes, duplicate buildings / units / flats.
– Plans can be Copied by Importing back into the project. (See Import from Project option on Open Project listing window)

* Additional Items …
– Set initial values of ‘Show’ and ‘Show Value’ settings for new items
– Save settings in configuration file for the next run of ElectroPlan.

Changes and Fixes …

* Remove Cost Item Category selection filter before saving component changes to prevent  potential loss of Cost Item data.
* Plan areas beneath the legend being hidden in some circumstances.
* Check Document Text source files are plain text format – extension TXT
* Export Documents … restore Plans to being included after Project Notes
* Fix omission of last item in Plan Lines Library

Version:  16-09-01 (September 2016)

New Features …

AutoSave – Automatic Project Save after a set time or number of changes made – minimize the chances of losing your work in case of computer malfunctions or power cuts.

Multi-line text memos on plans.

Notes near price total in Quote Document to provide additional information.

Component Editing and Component Icon Editing – revised layout and more intuitive functionality.

Component Icon Management – Easy and Advanced modes of image management.

Quick CoC Creation without having to create a new project.

Changes and Fixes …

Images placed on plans keep their original shape … adjustments are for image size only.

Document Export revision – overcome text file size limitations

Project Import – now includes lines linked to components.

Plan Image Files Deletion – allow for longer file names

Icon File Naming – ignore non-standard file names.

Dual Monitor usage – fix blanking import plan image when ElectroPlan is moved to another monitor.

Version: 16-04-01 (April 2016)

  • Import from PDF …
    * Undo Erase function restores the last erase step not all areas erased.
    There is still an option to undo all erases at once.
    * Re-Extract Image from PDF file option with rotation and increased resolution options.
    This allows for very small areas of a PDF image to be imported at increased resolution.
    Also for a rotation of any angle not just 90 degrees for angled areas of a plan.
  • Saving Components Confirmation message removed as sometimes it does not show as the top window
    and it gives the appearance of a system lock-up in the Icon Designer.
  • Multi-User features …
    * Allows two or more users to operate ElectroPlan, sharing the same Data, Components and Projects and have individual program settings.
    * Run ElectroPlan with an added shortcut parameter to personalize Configuration and Save History files.
    * ElectroPlan creates a new desktop shortcut with the correct parameter setting for the current user.
  • Supplier Product Codes – Add a new Price Match record manually to the list of Cost Items.

Version 16-03-01 (March 2016)

  • Revisions to some windows to ensure improved resizing of text when Windows Font enlargement enabled.
  • Selected Component Window Close Mode after Line Draw – Speeds up Lighting Connection Line Drawing
  • New version of the PDF Image Extract utility included – Overcomes the message on screen about a new version being available.
  • Materials Order / Listing
    * New Order Details tab showing all materials included in the project
    Quantities by Cost Item from the Component Calculator as well as
    Components that have no Cost Items defined.
    Enter additional Order Comments as needed eg. Wholesaler Product Details etc
    * Components with no Cost Calculator have been added to the list of Cost Items in the project
    * New Materials Order option including Order Comments added to Export Options

Version: 16-02-01 (February 2016)

  • Small fixes …
    Component Calculator – ensure numeric fields are not blank.
    Icon Editor – remove full-stop from image file name.

Version: 16-01-01 (January 2016)

  • Update to Plan Image Importation to eliminate the dependence on Internet Explorer
  • Help links open new tab in default browser or starts default browser
  • Fixes to component editing
  • Image in Rectangle to add images to a plan for product details, logos etc.
  • Line style library
  • Option to not show square mouse pointer when positioning or placing components
  • Changes to the operation of the Lines area including new option/hints screen

Version: 15-10-02

  • Fixed problem with importation of Additional Item from another project.

Version: 15-10-01

  • Remove requirement for company logo files to be in bitmap format
  • Company Logo files can be in any popular graphics format: JPG/PNG/GIF/BMP/TIF

Version: 15-09-01

  • Certificate of Compliance Date data – overcome non-standard date formatting.

Version: 15-08-01

  • New Component Select mode – enclose an area with a rectangle to select components.
  • Check for new version on website – new button on opening window.
  • Export Project to PDF file – new button for ‘Plans Only’
  • Movable Plan Legend – to maximize image size in PDF export file.

Version: 15-07-02

  • Component Selection – New option – Move selected components to a new plan with the same image or to another existing plan within the project.

Version: 15-07-01

  • Image import from PDF – fix initial sizing of image.

Version: 15-06-01

  • Addition of Component Selection to make Drawing Lines between components (to indicate lighting circuits etc) very simple and ensure the line move when the components are moved.
  • Other Component Selection options – Vertical and Horizontal Alignment and Spacing.
  • Swap selected components as a means of upgrading according to the Customer’s choice.
  • Plan Zoom in and Out.

Version: 15-03-03

  • Addition of Curved lines to Line Draw Options for connecting lights and controlling switches.
  • Fixed ambiguous line selection bug in Line Draw mode

Version: 15-03-02

  • Improvements to Component Calculator and Supplier Data user interface

Version: 15-03-01

Component Calculator for Component Price Calculation based on materials and time

  • Download Supplier’s price information for use in price calculations including margins.
  • Breakdown of materials and time for the whole project or plan by plan.
  • Improvements in line drawing and font selection for text on plans.
  • Document export for quick quote projects with no plans.

Version: 14-10-01

  • New Default Settings for Document Export Selection

Version: 14-09-01

  • New Project Reference field to designate Quote/Estimate/Proposal/Invoice
  • Tools and Settings tab for Documentation files shown Logo file thumbnail.

Version: 14-08-04

  • More application links to website, including replacement of the Help file with links to the website.
  • Reorganization of tabs in Tools and Settings window.
  • Improve Project Listing and Plan Images housekeeping in Open Project window.
  • Added Exit toolbar button.
  • Logo and Text files used for document export move to a new Documents folder.

Version: 14-08-03

  • Document Export – Provision for block and strip style logos on page headers. Default company name heading if no logos defined.
  • Additional Items – Selected items can be included on the Component List documentation page.

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