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One user’s experience with ElectroPlan …

I used to do my quotes on the kitchen table… Bits of paper, scrappy plans with different coloured highlighters, clunky spreadsheets, lots of hassles.

With ElectroPlan, I can do it all in less than half the time and get an accurate, well presented quote with the added benefit of a layout plan which is clear for the client and also my staff to follow. A real job winner!

Michael, ElectricShock Electrical
Electric Shock Ltd

and another …

ElectroPlan has made a huge difference to our firm. Not only does it allow our electricians to work off professional,easy to read drawings but it provides a sharp professional image to our clients.

We would not hesitate to recommend this software to a firm looking to improve the quality of their plans.

Jeff, Jenco Electrical Ltd
Jenco Electrical Ltd

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