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The ElectroPlan software system was created to provide a newly formed electrical installation business with a rapid development environment for the creation, costing, and documentation of electrical plans.

The owner of that business and a software developer worked together to develop the system from a user’s perspective so that the features included are relevant to the day to day requirement of the business.

ElectroPlan Limited was formed to bring the benefits of the software to a wider audience.

ElectroPlan is available to anyone as a Free Unlimited Time Trial Edition for Windows desktops and virtual machines which you can downloaded here

This trial edition has almost all of the features operating so that you can get a good idea whether or not ElectroPlan will suit your business.

For a trial of the fully operational system you can request a One Month Full Trial Registration of ElectroPlan from the Registration page.

You can get an idea of how the system operates by following the links on the side-bar on the right of the Insights page. If you need any information that is not there please get in touch on the Contact Us page.

Future Plans

The development of ElectroPlan is a continuing process. New features will be added as time goes on and will be available free as part of the subscription to registered users. We would like to hear from users with suggestions on improvements and enhancements  to the system.

Registered users are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions on the enhancement process by contacting ElectroPlan using the Contact Us page.

Thanks for your interest.

ElectroPlan Limited.

One user’s experience with ElectroPlan …

I used to do my quotes on the kitchen table… Bits of paper, scrappy plans with different coloured highlighters, clunky spreadsheets, lots of hassles.

With ElectroPlan, I can do it all in less than half the time and get an accurate, well presented quote with the added benefit of a layout plan which is clear for the client and also my staff to follow. A real job winner!

Michael, ElectricShock Electrical
Electric Shock Ltd

and another …

ElectroPlan has made a huge difference to our firm. Not only does it allow our electricians to work off professional,easy to read drawings but it provides a sharp professional image to our clients.

We would not hesitate to recommend this software to a firm looking to improve the quality of their plans.

Jeff, Jenco Electrical Ltd
Jenco Electrical Ltd

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